When I grow up

Today I was at the gas station and this older woman, mid to late 70’s, pulled up to the pump beside me. I could hear her music. Her windows were down. Her sunglasses were tinted just enough that you could see in them at the bottom but not enough to see her eyes. She drove a red mustang GT. On the back she had a navy blue and white Huffy that was strapped to the back of the car.
(Yes, it moved me that much that I took a picture!)

When I grow up

I have decided that this lady is who I want to be when I grow up. The woman with the music up and the windows down. I want to block out just enough sun to keep me from going blind but always be able to see whats in front of me. I want to never lose the thrill I got when I was a kid of riding my bike down big hills and feeling air rush over me. It is almost like flying, that coasting feeling. To let go and sit back and trust the wind and my balance, and myself.
I want to be that now. I want to be that always.
Just maybe with a convertible car.

PS- I know I can put this here for the 5 people who read it (Shout out to my readers in India!) but – I got THE job! I can elaborate more later once a contract has been signed but- I DID IT!


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