8 Days Away

I am going to start with the happy, because that is where I am trying to start everything. That is where I am trying to leave everything. I know that is impossible, but I can at least try not to let the bad out weigh the good. So here is the good.

I am off on an 8 day vacation to Blowing Rock, Lake Hickory, and then Waynesville. Tonight, we covered Blowing Rock. We went to go see my Father in Law play a gig at this awesome local restaurant, The Town Tavern. He was great! It was so cool because I did not even knew he played much less played that well! It was so cool to watch him perform. Then we went back to his place at Lake Hickory. We are spending the night here and tomorrow he is taking us out on the boat again. I LOVE boat rides! They rank right up there with motorcycle rides and driving a convertible. I will give you all the details of the fun on the lake tomorrow. After that we will head to Waynesville for a week. I just have to come home on Wednesday to get Chemo and to go to the end of the year party for Studio 1! Then we head back up on Thursday! I promise I will give lots of details on all of the daily adventures, however, we do not get to come back up on Thursday until I have…a meeting…

Once again, they who shall not be named, have come back into my life to blow through with a shit storm because everything was looking just a little too sunny in my world I guess. So once again, I am having money with held from me that I have worked for. I do not understand why. There is no reason. There is no question that the work has been done. It is just one last little power play before I am out of there forever. And I will NEVER look back.

So trying to look at the good, try to just glance over the bad…



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