Deserved Adventure

I am further off the grid than I have ventured since there has been a grid!

We have NO CELL service and I am sitting by a window hoping and praying that this post makes it to the interwebs before the storm hits and knocks out any chance I have of posting anything.
I just don’t want you, my readers, to think that I am not writing. But I also want you to know that writing is not the most important thing right now.
This trip has been crazy. Crazy awesome and crazy stressful. We have not 1 but 2 CARS IN THE SHOP, I wast going to pick up my pay check and was told that I had to have a meeting before I could get it (SAY WHAT?!?!) so I am up here with little to no money and a HUGE bill to pay, I still have to come home for chemo and my new contract starts the Monday I return and I cannot help but feel like I have forgotten SOMETHING!

BUT I am not going to let all of that take this trip away from me! I refuse! I am in a beautiful house with my amazing family and great friends. We have been out to eat to 2 great meals and I have made 4 great meals. We play games and drink wine till all hours of the night and I took a nap on the porch this afternoon today because I could. Eli is taking in so many new and exciting things that he has been going to sleep and sleeping straight through the night.

I have been counting down the days until this trip and I am not going to let the shit the universe tries to throw at me knock me off from what I know I have worked hard for. FOR ONCE in my life I feel like I have actually worked for a vacation and I will be damned if some material thing, or a person who I care do not give 2 shits about, is going to take this away.

So tomorrow, A STORM! So we are taking to downtown Waynesville to show our friend around. This is where Noah and I got married. It is where Noah and I vacationed. It is where our relationship grew and continues to grow. Now we get to share it with our son. Now we get to share it with our new group of friends. We will forever share this beautiful place with those we love. It is our little city of love. Despite what the world may try to throw at me, love will always win.


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