Today was a layer of hell like no other. Like, had to contact a lawyer it got so bad today. Nothing against lawyers. My favorite person EVER was a lawyer. Still, NOT something you want to do on the same day your world feels like it is falling down around you and you are dealing with all the other things that make “that day of the week” not so nice.

I love how that sounds like a female thing until you read the word “week” and you double take because that should only happen once a month and you think that something might be wrong with me. But there is not. I mean there is, but not with that. It’s not a female thing. Other than I am a female and it’s my thing.

ANYWAY – it is now 9:15 and in an effort to not let all of the rubbish of the day get to me I am going to go and fight. Fight for my day back from those who took it from me. My day will not go down as a bad one if I can help it. Here is how I see it.
Everyday we have to deal with things that are hard and we don’t like. Some days it goes beyond that and we feel like this might be at the point of break. But some days we get nice things in the day too. As I have admitted in the past, I tend to let the bad out weigh the good. But the fact of the matter is, that is up to me. I have to do things to tip scales and put the good in my favor. Even if it is little things. Little good things with big meaning can have an larger impact than the largest bad thing.
Tonight I am starting my new movement. I am going to be my own super hero. I am going to start evening the score in my own day to day life. I know we do not have total control over all the things that happen to us, but we can do things to counter act the things that are out of our control. Right now I am doing 3 work related things because it makes me feel accomplished and excited about the up coming projects. Check, check, check! Then I am going to go down stairs and listen to the creek as I play games with my family and friends. Check, Check! And probably drink some wine and eat some really good food! Check and CHECK! But first, I kissed my son good night and that will never stop being a good thing! Check.
If I didn’t know any better, I would say I know how to #SaveTheDay .

Eat that Spider-Man!


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