Lock your car!

The house that we stayed at in the mountains was amazing! I will be posting pictures soon. One thing they had recently done was had the drive paved. It was nice and black and very clean. Which made it VERY noticeable this morning when there were big brown paw prints all over the drive. They were not large enough to be a bear but for sure a wolf or a coyote! They were all over the driveway and then as I was following them I noticed that they went UP THE SIDE OF MY MOTHERS CAR! Yep, what ever this wild life was tried to get into my moms car. Thank goodness it did not try too hard. But then whats sad, is that I panicked and thought “Crap! Did I lock my car doors?” Like THAT was what kept the wolf out of my moms car! That just goes to show you, I am a city girl. Maybe a beach bum, but I just don’t get nature. I respect it, I just don’t get it.
I am back now in my little city home in my little city life, and I think nature is probably better for it.


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