Suitcase Life

It is funny to me how I feel like I am always living out of a suitcase.
Not necessarily because I travel so much, although I do quite a bit. It is more so because I am awful at unpacking. For me, unpacking marks the end of a trip and sometimes I am just not ready to let go. But now, it has just become a pain and I wish there was some suitcase fairy that would come put all my clean stuff away and wash all my dirty clothes for me and at least get me on even playing grounds with the washing machine.

Side note – There are 2 things I hate in this world that are always lurking in my life. They are the dishwasher and the washer/dryer. If it was up to me I would have one plate and one of every utensil and wash it every night when I was done with it. Same with my lone pot and pan. This is a very loner system. Having a family does not work with this system. Same goes for clothes. But more so, just having people in your life that see you more than once a week. So yeah…my system is flawed but you get the point.

Back to suitcases. I like the idea of living out of them, but not when it is in my home. I guess that makes perfect since but I just always feel the need to push things too far. And now I am tripping over my suitcase yelling at it but feeling guilt because it’s my fault really. I just want to stay gone a little while longer. There is always a wanderlust. That will not go away no matter how many suitcases I trip over.


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