Take notes

I am behind in work so for tonight I will write some of my notes in my blog before I post them on my the Cast Note Page just to make things simple. 2 post, 1 stone.

“Please start thinking about the layers of your characters.
Are they for or against Independence? Why? How do you think the country should gain independence? Who are there “friends” in the the congress? Why? What issues are important to them as a state? Why? What do they care about as a person? Why? Do they have a family? How old are they? (Must be over 25) How long have they served as a congressman? What is there job in addition to being a senator? (IE Witherspoon is a Chaplin)
I am going to start asking these types of questions in rehearsal when I don’t see reactions occurring. Sitting and saying nothing is the hardest job as a actor. You MUST stay engaged. In a space this small, SOMEONE will see you. YOU CANNOT BE THINKING OF YOUR GROCERY LIST.
Ladies, please start weaning heels to rehearsals. Some of you may end up in flats but that is doubtful. HEELS LADIES. It will make you look more powerful.
Wonderful work so far! Keep it up. I don’t want to go backwards, only onward and up from here, please!
Like this if you read it. Lets’s see how many read the entire post…..”

I will let you know how many of my cast “Like”ed it.

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