I stopped at this gas station on the way home. I walked in to pee and when I got in all I could think about was how I really wanted an ICEE. Today, being a chemo day, and then a long rehearsal night, decided I had earned said ICEE and went to get it. When I got to the ICEE wall it was just that. A WALL OF ICEE FLAVORS! I mean there were at least a dozen flavors. As I walked over to get my cherry coke, because that is my favorite, I noticed that there was a soft serve ice cream machine beside me! But this was no ordinary soft serve! It had a screen that you could push a flavor and it would mix what ever flavor you picked with the vanilla in the middle. I stood there and watched the different flavors scroll by. Each flavor had a color associated with it. There was a blue one, and a red one, there was a butterscotch and a butter pecan, which you would think would be hard to find 2 colors to represent two flavors that are so close with out making them look orange, which was a flavor choice as well. Somehow they did it!
As I walked to the register to pay, I noticed a odd smell and the happy but slow pace that everyone in the station seemed to have. And then it dawned on me the company I was keeping. It just goes to show you.
You cannot judge a person by the snacks they consume. For I have never smoked a day in my life but by god, I appreciate a colorful soft serve machine just as much any stoner.

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