I had to stop myself from making this a BookFace (what I call FaceBook) post. Mainly because I would have to make everything cryptic and here I can say what I want, share it on BookFace and those who read it will have a new understand of life and those who don’t will just move on with their lives never seeing things in this new light.
At least not on this issue.
That really has to do with only a select few.
Regardless, commitment means something to me. It means a lot. I guess it is because after I got so sick I realized how quickly things could just slip away from you. Things became so chaotic that I came to value the constant. I began to value the routine. I know that every week I went in for treatment. Every other week was lab work and some weeks were transfusions and although that was a toss-up I could plan for that toss-up so it was okay. Along with that appreciation of routine came gratitude for those who were willing to make commitments. There are many different levels of commitment. I am not just talking about the extreme commitment that Noah has made. Even those who have made 5 and 6 week commitments to productions. I appreciate that. I value that. That means something to me. You are making a commitment to me and therefore you have earned my respect and I expect the same in return. How else can a commitment work? Can you commit to something or someone you don’t respect or believe in? If not, then why are you here? Once you have commitment to something there is no turning back. That goes for breaking a commitment to someone, or me, as well.
This brings me to my next point. If you are going to burn a bridge, you had better be prepared for what’s coming. I have walked away from past employers with that bridge fully in flames. To be 100% honest, the match was set as much on their end as on mine but that is fine by me. I am committed to the fact that I will never work there again. That I will never refer anyone to them. That I will never suggest anyone send their child for any kind of education what so ever. And if they ask me why, I will give a list of reasons so long it would make Michael Jackson look like teacher of the year. I am committed to this bridge going up in flames!
But DO NOT light a match when you think no one is looking and then run away. Someone saw you. And someone told me. All of us who are committed to being directors, we all talk to one another. We may not always like one another, and we have our differences of  opinions. But lets get one thing very clear, we respect one another. We are committed to be taken seriously and to do so, we must have the respect of our peers. Just like you must. Because if you are going to burn that bridge, you are going to need someone to help you rebuild it. And if you abandon an ensemble. If you just walk away for no reason, for another show, no peer is going to respect you. How do they know you have committed to their ensemble. So with no fellow actors to help you rebuild and no bridges, you are left alone. All because of a lack of commitment.
Figure it out.
Commit to something.

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