Classless Lemurs

My brain is all over the place.
I keep Dove chocolate by the bed because due to my PNH my mouth bleeds and I wake up with a horrible taste in my mouth. Chocolate fixes that. But last night I unwrapped one but fell asleep mid-unwrap. I woke up and was like “Shit. Noah, I dropped a chocolate in bed. Help me find it.” And I am pretty sure he either was pissed I woke him for something so stupid or thought it was the worst dream game of hide and seek ever but either way, we looked for a minute and could not find it. That was until Gwen joined us and I saw her licking her paw. At first she looked like she had hurt herself. Then I realized she had found my chocolate. Not only found it but had been laying in it and had it on her chest and paw.
Today has been so busy I just looked over and realized she still has some on her chest because I never cleaned her off.
I managed to accurately call two people classless today. Because that’s what they are and that is what their actions were. I can feel fairly certain that if they were to confront me that I would tell them to their face that they were classless. One of them would care. The other would not. I am weird with confrontation. Sometimes I am great, sometimes I cry.
On the home from rehearsal I thought I saw a sign that said “Live Lemurs in Concert!” I got super excited. I thought like it would be an expo where they would just let the Lemurs out and the people could just be chillin with the Lemurs while music played. Then I realized it was for a band called “The Lemiers” (?) and I got disappointed.
Now I’m going to eat Cookout. Some people drink, some people eat Cookout. I do both.

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