Summer Theatre

Summer is the craziest time for me.
This is counter intuitive to most teachers but for me being only a part time teacher it works like this.

6 Weeks:
Direct 3  full length shows
2 weeks of rehearsals each
1-2 days to build a set
may or may not have a stage manager
may or may not have a producer
shows are hard to cast because it’s summer
audiences only want to see light and fun shows or something they recognize

The rest of the year:
I teach super part time and direct one 45 min to 1 hour show.
I get roughly 9 weeks to rehearse
The parents help me build the set and I get as long as I need in those 9 weeks.
One of my older students can stage manage
The school produces and any parent would be willing to help me at any point
I work on shows with kids who want to do theatre or at least their parents want them to so getting them to rehearsals is not a problem
Getting an audiance is not hard because it’s the parents and friends who all come out to see their child or friend perform.

I also Direct a show at the same theatre that I do summer theatre but…
I get 6 weeks to do 1 production
I have a set designer who takes my vision into account but will build what I need
I have a stage manager
I have  producer
I have a lighting designer
I have a sound designer
I have a costume designer
The shows are easier to cast because everyone is back to the normal schedule of work and vacations are fewer
Audiences are more likely to take a chance because they are ticket holders or because there is less to do outside as the seasons change.

So yeah…right now…life is a little on the crazy end. But I just have to keep looking for the light. Not so much the light at the end of the tunnel, but the light in each day. And it’s not that hard. Tonight my actors were on. I was proud. They worked hard. Characters were really coming to life and things that I did not think were ever going to work really started to come together. I was proud. Tonight was a show. And tomorrow will be even better. And Friday, we will have an audience, of some sort, and they will get truly get to see something of value. Something I am proud of. Something they should be proud of too. However, I am trying not to be too prideful because after all, pride goes before the fall. And despite the fact that I don’t feel like I have far to fall, I don’t want to test fate. After all, falling hurts. And I bruise like a peach. So yeah…lets not push it.

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