We did it!

Tonight there was a show.
Tonight there was an audience.
Tonight there were costumes,
Tonight there was a set.
Tonight there was music,
Tonight there were lights,
Tonight there was sound.
Tonight there were a few tears.
Tonight there was laughter.

But most important it all happened tonight. It was like it all happened on the due date and not a moment sooner. I would rather some of the work have come in a little ahead of schedule but none the less…I will take it.

So 2 more days here then I am off to another similar project for another 2 weeks.
“Why? ” A sane person might ask.
Why be sane when being insane is so much more fun? To see inside the sanity of others. Sane people stay on the outside always looking in. Always afraid to jump in. Insane folks are just willing to jump. As Ben Franklin said “I did not fail that test! I just found 100 ways to get it wrong.”
So 2 more days with this project then the tally goes back to 0 and I am off to find 100 ways to get it wrong. Because you really only need 1 way to get it right. Not saying there cannot be more. But don’t be greedy. Once you have found yours, go with it. It is like no one elses. It is yours. Your way 101.

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