Work to be done

I am sure there is something amazing and profound I should be writing about.

But I don’t know what it is.

I have 3 more days until Chemo and I can feel my body giving out on me. I can also feel others around me waiting for me to give out. I feel like there are people waiting to tell me “it’s okay to be weak.”
But I am not weak.
This is not weakness.
If you think that I am a symbol of weakness, you need to reassess strength.
I may not always have the best outlook on things. I may not always be the pillar of strength that, for whatever reason, people expect cancer patients to be. But, I also know that I am not weak because my energy is depleted because of a condition that I have no control over what so ever and is not visible and everyone thinks they understand.
Regardless, I won’t give in. I will not give them that privilege. Not because I feel the need to prove to them I am not weak.
But because I have work to do. And those who are standing by watching me, and not helping me, are just in my way.

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