Actual thoughts

Actual thoughts I have had today and did not say aloud. Well, most of them at least.

Acting is the only business where you can say “I have places to go and people to be!” and it not be just you misspeaking.

I should drink more water!

I have an advertisement on the back of my car for the show I am currently directing. Today some guy honked and gave me a thumbs up. Either he likes the show or my driving is improving.

Sometimes my platelets get really low. I worry that I will like just, run out. What happens then? Like is it like when a cell battery dies or your car runs out of gas? Do I get a warning light before I break down on the side of the road? Will I know what that light means? Oh god, is that light on and I don’t know it!?!?!?

Is she mad at me?

I hate water! Who hates water? Me, I hate water! Me and all the other unhealthy people on this planet.

Every time some one tells me they “Don’t eat something” for whatever that reason may be, I judge. I judge, and then I go eat whatever it is they don’t eat. Maybe that’s a really good way to get me to drink water.

Yes baby, those pictures of duckies are super cute. But I am driving and don’t want to die. Thank you. Love you more. No. Not more as in send me another GIF about how you love me more…

My dog snores. She pushes her face into the side of her pillow and scrunches up her face and neck fat and then snores. I swear she does it just to piss me off.



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