Another Openin’

Tonight was the opening of show number 2 in my 3 show run of my Summer Stock Season.
I am slowly losing my mind but despite that, the shows keep happening and they keep turning out really well. Actually, they keep turning out spectacularly! I don’t mean to brag but I seem to have this knack for 3 things in this order: 1, work ethic 2, casting and 3, vision.
This show has been especially trying due to issues that were out of my control. My cast has been by my side the entire time. They have pushed though, tried and failed, and always said yes when I asked and never asked why because why was not relevant. They trusted me that I was not going to let them go in front of an audience and make fools of themselves, I would only let them BE fools. The most important thing was that we were all working to create an amazing show and we all worked as hard as we could to make that happen. We have created something, we feel, is an amazing show. We feel its amazing because it is something we are proud of.

So tomorrow I will pick up the next script and read it for, what feels like, the 10 millionth time. This will be the last show of the Summer Stock Season and I already have my concept and vision I am just looking at the small, technical, aspects at this point. Then I will pick up the other script I am working on for the Main Stage Season. I must admit, I am not as familiar with this script yet. I am slightly intimidated by it at the moment but I know after a few more reads I will have a better grasp of what I want to do. The bar is high but I refuse to disappoint. I must remember my strengths and trust that the vision will come.


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