While I’m waiting for adventure…

Because I had to do it for work I thought I would write it here first so I could proof it before sending off in an e-mail because e-mail scares me because I am always afraid I am going to hit send and then look like a fool so…yeah. For safety sake I put it here first. Maybe because I know no one really reads this or if you do you are a little more forgiving or just know by now that I am a screw up and love me despite that fact.
ANYWAY – Here is the “Content Advisory” for the project after next. I am not going to tell you the title just for fun. I mean, those of you who know it will know it right away. The rest of you will be like “What the f*** kinda shit play are you working on next?” And it’s a musical too! So yeah…Here is my work for today…no adventure…yet…

Synopsis – Violet, a young woman who was disfigured by an ax blade as a child, embarks on a journey from her small town to see a TV televangelist who she believes can heal her scar. Through the help of her younger self, we see Violets past struggles and how they effect her views on the world. Along the way she encounters Monty, a soldier, and Flick, a black soldier who open her eyes to new experiences and ideas. Although her physical transformation is never completed, Violet has a life altering transformation that is greater than anything she could have ever dreamed of.

Language – Damn, Shit

Drinking and Smoking

Consensual sex between adults on stage. No nudity. Will be not be graphic.
Consensual sex between teenagers off stage. This is only mentioned in dialogue.

Fist Fight
Blood from Ax Wound (Special Effects?)

Mature Audiences Only

Triggers – Fighting, War, Abandonment Issues


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