Super Sniffer

I know I said I would be posting about my adventures each day but sadly today’s adventures were not very adventurous. They consisted of a 10PM Wal-Mart run to buy Eli the LAST baby pool we could find so that MAYBE I can spend some quality splash time with him this week because I am not totally wiped out from rehearsals every night. I like to think that I can do it all, because I see everyone else do it all. It is only when I am NOT stuck in rehearsals and have the energy to cook, feed, play, and bathe him that I realize what a toll everything else really takes on me.
But enough of that.
What I really wanted to write about tonight was my super sniffer.
There was a line in the last production I directed that said “A nose by any other name would still smell.” And mine does. REALLY WELL! And I HATE BAD SMELLS. I hate them on me, I hate them in my house, I hate them in my car, BLAH I just hate them. The car thing is slightly ironic because if you know me you know that my car is ALWAYS a mess. But I will perfume the hell out of that thing so it may look a mess, but you will never smell a thing. I am a walking Febreze ad my friends! My appearance is the same. I am not one for make-up. I used to be. I would always take time to look nice because my theory was you never knew who you were going to meet and who might want to take your picture. Well, that was 5 years, 5+ surgeries, and a baby ago. Now, I try to dress semi professional when out in public but I only wear make-up occasionally. Same goes with my hair. Messy hair, don’t care. But I can be schlepping around in PJ’s, sunglasses, with my hair in a messy bun, and unmatched flip flops but you better believe when you walk past me I am going to smell like a fresh breeze just brushed by you.
I think this smell thing stems from a few places. I was made fun of endlessly one day in ballet class when I forgot deodorant. Teenage girls are the WORST! And seeing how most of them did not eat, they were all super hangry and catty. I never wanted to be made fun of again so I remember putting containers of deodorant everywhere! I had them stashed like drugs. I would bathe in it before class. If I thought I was going to sweat from that place, I would roll deodorant there. My sense of smell became super heightened because I wanted to make sure I was never the cause of the stank again.
But the super sniffer is not an all bad thing. I also remember the way peoples houses smell. Never in a bad way. Everyone has their own distinct scent. As I got to know people better, if someone had left their jacket in a class room I would know who it belonged to just by the smell of the jacket. That sounds weird but it isn’t. In a lot of ways it is comforting. I can remember one of my friends coming up behind me and putting her hands over my eyes asking “Guess who?” I knew it was her right away. She was bummed but it was all because of the lotion she used. I knew it. Sarah was a friend to me when I didn’t have many so to me that smell represented comfort. I can still walk by counters in the mall and smell her lotion and get that same sense of calm. It’s kind of nice.
It also helps me hold on to loved ones longer. They say that olfactory sense is the strongest sense for those who have it as the top of their five senses. When I was tested it was my strongest sense and it is strong with me. That sounds like some Star Wars shit but it made sense when I read it. What I mean is visual memories fade fast. It is hard to remember what it was like holding someones hand. Their kiss may fade from your lips and tongue. And although the things they said stay with you, it gets harder and harder to hear their voice. But I am lucky. With the smell of an old shirt, so many of those wonderful feelings that I had when that person was with me come rushing back, it is almost like they never left. For one moment, in one breath, I get them back.
So much like every super power, there are the perks and the set backs. For now, I will hang on to the perks and hold my nose through the set backs.


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