A day without

Another day without adventure. Mainly because I am quickly discovering that what I thought was going to be a week off has turned into “SHIT! I have so much else that I have to do by the end of this month and there will be no other time to do it!” kind of work week. I am hoping to have everything done by Thursday so I can hand it over Friday morning then take Friday and Saturday to rest a little bit before starting back up for our final production on Sunday. (If you are exhausted after reading that, imagine how I feel.)
But I am holding out hope that things will get done. We sold our old car today and made a little money. (Yay!) I am done with all of the bird’s eye views of my set designs, for the Main Stage Production. (Yay!) Tomorrows goals include but are not limited to, contacting my lawyer friend re: my past employers failure to pay me what I am owed, getting my windshield whiper fixed, finishing my set renderings, and rough blocking the final Summer Stock Production. The list may seem daunting, and it is. But knowing that if I can get all of this done tomorrow that I might stand a chance at having a Friday and Saturday that I am not responsible to anyone but Eli, Noah (Somewhat), and myself will be unreal. I do not remember the last time I have had a day like that. I guess it was at Tybee but oddly, Tybee feels like MONTHS ago! It is amazing how stress can make time seem so much longer than it actually is. What is only a few short days can turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years if you are not careful. When your body starts to lose track of time it is time to remind it what real time, good time, feels like.
And that is what I am working towards! Friday and Saturday. Only answering those I feel like responding to and enjoying my time with my little family.


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