Dear DirectTV…

My letter (survey) to DirectTV after 30 min of trying to get a TV show to load on my laptop and then they asked for my feedback. Just remember, they asked for it.

I have been trying to watch an episode of a TV show for 30 min and have no idea what I am doing wrong. I am not the most tech savvy person in the world but this really should not be this hard. Let’s be honest, there are 2 types who watch TV online. Those who travel and use it to pass time either themselves or for their kids, or people like me. Who don’t want to leave the house for whatever reason so they binge watch TV. In my case, it is because my cat Fluffernutter just ran away and all I want to do is watch some Bob’s Burgers, eat McDonald’s McNuggets, and drink rum and coke. But I can’t do one of those things. And I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! Just tell me what I am doing wrong! Between you and Fluffernutter I am starting to think that I might be the problem. But if you can tell me why when I hit the play button the screen comes up but nothing happens that would be great. Also, if you see Fluffernutter tell him, I still care.

If I thought anyone was really going to read it I would have put more thought into it. Either that or someone in HR just got a really good laugh.


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