Good Air

It is amazing what good air can do for you.
I have been treated today to so much good air. I know that sounds silly. Air is air and how can some air be better than others unless it’s polluted and then it is just plain nasty air kind of like the air in NYC. Sorry not sorry NYC! Love you but you know it’s true. The biggest bottle of Axe could not cover that BO!
Back to the GOOD air. We had to move my treatment up a day because my mother is having treatment of her own done on Thursday so mine got moved up a day. There is no real down side to this. It does not matter what day I go, they are still going to stab me with a needle, take my blood, maybe give me more back, and give me meds that make me loopy.
But today I got to see the Massage Therapist who only comes in on Wednesdays! She comes around to all of the patients in the lobby and will help relieve some of the stress. She is a WONDERFUL human being and before all my appointments got moved to Thursday, I would see her every week and we would talk and talk about our lives. I always felt like we had a connection. She may have been that way with everyone because of the lovely person that she was but I still like to think that I am special. (Who doesn’t) I always felt like, and today was no exception, that she would take extra time and give extra care to make sure that by the end of my session I was not just relieved of tension but that I was also taking in good air. After my session I felt like everything was just a tiny bit clearer. Like for a little while, it was not quite so hard to take a breath.
Also, I have been working on finding Apps, websites, books (not as much), hobbies, and other things besides medication and Noah to help me when I start to feel anxiety attacks coming on as they are seeming to become more and more frequent recently. Although I am not 100% sold on the site yet, Thrive, a UK site has a “Self-Suggestion” section that was like a mix between breathing, muscle relaxation and mantra claiming. Regardless, I finished that section and once again felt like I had new, good, air to breath.
So now I am on the hunt everyday to find my good air. Bye bye bad air!


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