“real writer”

I want to write something perfectly profound. You laugh for a little while. You find parts of it hard to believe but know that despite it’s almost fictional nature, it is too detailed not to be true. Everything is so clear that you can almost smell the words. Parts of it are beautifully tragic. It hurts because even if you have not been in the exact same place you can remember a time you felt similar. Many of their flaws are placed on them by them as is the case for so many. You start to see the world the way they do, for good and for bad. You accept the way they have adjusted and, if nothing else, see the beauty in their twisted logic. Again, the feelings, thought, surroundings, and everything that creates connection is so vivid that you feel sure you know the writer. The writer, the antagonist, the character, the person who is sharing their story with you. I wish I could tell a story like that.


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