I try my hardest to remember that when I see people in public places and on social media that I am truly seeing the highlight real of their life. No one is going to post a picture of themselves eating a sandwich off the bed because they dropped the napkin as they were walking to the bed room to binge Netflix. Unless it’s a nude and then all bets are off.
There is this person that always tries to tell me that no matter how bad I think I have it someone has it worse. She gloats saying “I guess you could just say I’m a Pollyanna. I just know that someone always has it worse than I do and try not to feel so sorry for my self.” In my mind, this is some twisted guilt theory that NEVER allows you to feel like your surroundings are shit. Yes, I know, someone has it worse, but that does not negate my stubbed toe. I am willing to put money down that when a homeless person stubs their toe, it hurts. So I did some research into this Pollyanna and found out it has NOTHING TO DO WITH someone having it worse. She just basically saw the good in everything. Still, a very hard thing to do, but with a good twisted since of humor you can develop this skill.
But you have to allow your self the ability to say “This sucks!”  Like all indulgences it must be in moderation. You also have to watch who you say it to. Don’t complain about the fact that you are going to have to be in a room with your Mom and Dad for 5 day while they take you on a tropical vacation to a girl who just got chemotherapy.
Still not 100% with this Pollyanna chick. I think she needs to live a little more and then she can talk about seeing the beauty in all things. But maybe she can start helping people realize that it’s okay to be upset too.


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