Beach Trip Day 2

I woke up to the sound of Noah’s alarm. He had forgotten to shut it off so at 9:00 am the theme from “The Flash” starts blaring. Sadly I am one of those people that once I’m up, I am up. So, with the rest of the family asleep I escaped down to the beach for some sun and quiet pool/beach time. I was back by noon and was able to join everyone for lunch/breakfast. After Eli’s nap, the entire family sauntered down to the pool for some more fun in the sun. Unfortunately, I have now soaked in a little too much sun on my back and am feeling a little heat rising off my back. I made hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and after we put Eli down, we played games until we could barely hold our heads up. Over all, it was a very calm and restful day.
I have a little work to do. I need to re-read my next project and start getting an idea of what I will be looking for at auditions or who I need to get in touch with to come and participate. I have some forms I need to print off and mail in for my student loans (that I will be paying off until I die!) And I also need to type out a proposal for an after school drama program for the new school I am working at. The latter two must be done by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. So yeah, I need to get started.
I feel like the work will happen here though. For some reason I feel less pressure to get things done. I know they will happen and for whatever reason, things just seem to be happening a lot easier here. Part of me hopes that this is not just a geographical bonus. That maybe when I return home, despite the day to day chaos, I will somehow keep this new demeanor that has floated into my life. I know that life on vacation and life at home are never the same. But I cannot help but hope that this sense of calm, or at least part of it, will follow me home.


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