Beach Trip Day 4 & 5

I promise this post will not be too long despite the fact that it was 2 days worth of beaching (Not like on a ship but spending 2 days at the beach. I was trying to make a pun on bitching but I did not know beaching was a real word. Learn something new everyday!)

Day 4
I was feeling slightly gross so I was not in the mood to swim or do much beach related. Mom had offered to take me for a manicure so I took her up on it. I now have beautiful violet nails to help me get in the mood for the next production I am directing. Later that evening we went to California Dreaming which is one of our favorite restaurants at the beach and it was everything we had remembered it to be! That evening was spent playing games and enjoying each others company while listening to the sounds of the ocean pounding on the shore.

Day 5
Our last REAL day here. I have a big problem letting go of vacations. Especially the beach. So when I woke up this morning there was this sense of dread that we would be spending the day packing and getting ready to go home. This was on top of the fact that I am reaching the end of energy as we get closer to Chemo day.
But the day was not going to slip away from me. It was overcast so there was not a huge crowed at the pool. I took Eli down shortly after lunch and we stayed for a good little while until it was time for him to nap. But that is when I noticed my energy slipping as well. So I lay down for what I thought would be a short nap. 2 hours later, Noah woke me and told me that my mothers friends had arrived and were taking us out to dinner. I pulled myself together, chugged a red bull, and was out the door. Dinner was nice but I was most excited by Noah telling me that he had arranged for us to go to Garden City Pier and Arcade. I was PUMPED.
It was everything I wanted it to be. We went to the arcade where I played the old time baseball machine. If you get 25 points you win a stuffed animal off the wall. Guess who walked a way with a multi-colored stuffed dolphin? THIS GIRL! Not to mention we won enough tickets to get Eli a stuffed Elmo which I know he will love! Then we headed down the Pier to listen to the live band play for a little while. We just sat there, listening and thinking about vacations past. We saw the condo we spit ice out of. (Read Beach Trip Day 1 if you don’t get that reference.) Then it started to rain. So we headed back down the Pier in the windy rain. But it really did not seem to bother us. We were just happy to be together at “our beach”. We stopped at Sam’s Corner and despite the fact we had a very nice dinner, we managed to eat one of their famous hot dogs. We showed up soaked and everyone in there laughed at the two drowned rats that just walked in. But not in a mean way. More like a “most people take off their clothes before they shower” kind of way. It was like running into old friends.
Everything was perfect. It was everything I could have wanted. In 3 hours my beach trip was complete. I could not have asked for a better way to spend my last night at the beach.


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