Get in line

Well, I have felt fairly shitty all day. I woke up not feeling the best, but I was going to try to go sit on the sofa and get some work done so that I could come out of my “safe space” and at least try to make a day.
I was quickly driven back into my heidi hole (As in a place to hide. Not actually Heidi’s hole) by the world that seemed to not understand that I was out in it on my own terms and to leave me alone and let me set my own pace. I understand when people need things from you, I understand deadlines, but when other people don’t understand that, I all of a sudden feel like I am letting people down.
A large part of that might be the people that I seem to have in my life feel that THEY are priority number 1 and I should do what they want when they want. I am not sure if this is an ego thing or if I really should be putting them first, either way I am letting them down.
Anyways, between feeling like I was letting the world down, and actually having a fever of 100.5 all day, I felt like shit.

Not a great post. Like I have said, they cannot all be gems. You can get in line behind the other people I have disappointed today.


One thought on “Get in line

  1. I read this because the preview in my newsfeed echoed what has been going through my own head as of late. I’ve been hiding in a hole of my own for a while, and am just starting to regain the energy for everything and everyone else again, and know exactly where you are coming from. I hope you are better soon!

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