Mattress name


In case you could not tell by my all caps text, this is somewhat amazing! Our old mattress is so jacked that when you sit on it, it crunches. Not to mention the metal thing that goes along the top of the bed to help keep the coils in place is broken. The other day I got into bed and the 2 broken parts pinched the shit out of my leg. Not to mention waking up every day feeling like I slept on a bed of nails because the springs dig into my back.
I am also excited because this means my safe space will be comfortable. I hear your concern about it being so comfortable that I never want to come out. But maybe, just maybe, I will be able to sleep so well I will feel rested and better. Regardless, with our house being as small as it is, we don’t have room for me to have an office. Often I sit in bed and work. Now, if I find myself needing to work in a quiet place uninterrupted, I will not be sitting on something that is trying to ram its way into my ass.
Maybe a new mattress does not seem to be a victory. For us, for my work, and my back, this is a wonderful thing that I cannot even begin to explain the excitement!

I think we need to name it!


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