I feel guilty about not writing about last night. Noah took me on a date, and despite the minor meltdown and Xanax that had to be consumed, it ended up being a wonderful night out. Any night filled with bacon cheese fries, theatre, and gourmet cheesecake is bound to be an excellent evening.

Despite all of that I still have not pulled myself out of the fog. It was worse today than it was the day before. I can hardy keep my eyes open and my train of thought is non-existent. Nothing feels right and everything feels backwards. I keep feeling like I should be someplace, but there’s nowhere to be. Because there is nowhere to be, I feel like there’s no work to be done. When in reality the work is piling up. But it’s all irrelevant. Nothing seems to hurt. Nothing seems to make me happy either. I would rather feel something at this point than nothing.


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