Warning: Contains Candy

So remember when I was sick a couple of posts ago? Well what I didn’t tell you was exactly HOW sick I was! It was awful! There was something inside of me that wanted out and it was going to do whatever possible to get out. Lucky for me I figured out what it was…
No really…
There was something besides a “bug” that people use for there 24 hour illness.
To be specific it was sugar free gummy bears.
I thought, because I was working on losing weight, that I would try some sugar free bears. I LOVE gummy bears and so I was stoked to see that I could have like an entire bag for like 200 calories! WHAT?!?!?! To good to be true right?
So last night I start to eat the other bag I had and I start to feel a little sick again. Noah looked at me was like “Well then stop eating them. And by the way, did you read the warning label?”
“What? Who reads a warning label on gummy bears? Better than that who PUTS a warning label a bag of gummy bears?”
“It says that you should only eat 3 or 4 because they contain a strong laxative component and that you should gradually introduce them to your body.”
So yeah, it was the gummy bears. Stupid, laxative containing, warning label requiring, demon gummy bears that were fighting and escaping my body.

They won.


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