keep dancing

There are times I miss being a dancer. As I get older I realize my dreams of starring in a big show with huge dance numbers are dwindling. The last role I had that gave me the “triple threat” opportunity was Tracy Turnblad in “Hairspray”. It really was the role of a lifetime and I would not trade it in for the world! I am not saying I have not had wonderful roles since then. I just miss dancing sometimes. I have not done a big dance show since Eli was born and I wonder sometimes if I still could. My heart is still in it, but we all know heart is not always enough. And there is no profession where that statement is more clear than in show business. In most every other profession, you go to school, say med school. You take the classes, you learn the terminology, you do you internship and then you become a doctor in the real world.  Performers do all of that, an then we go to the real world and less than 9% of us “make it big”.
But our dreams and ambitions change. Like every ones. We realize we don’t want to be away from our families for long periods of time while we take contracts to bring home money. We start to see ourselves in other people, people younger than us, and we want to help them grow as artist, to teach them and help them get further than we did. And it’s not settling. It’s growing where you are planted. It’s figuring out who you are and where you fit into this world of the performing arts.
And I will find my next show where I get to dance again. Right after I perform some Shakespeare. But not until I finish guiding an amazing cast through a beautiful script.

I’ll dance my way through it all.


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