Not just a job

I am working on a show right now and I LOVE the cast I am working with.

Tonight after rehearsal the lady playing the title character approached me with questions. Lots of them!
She reminded me why I do what I do. With every question she pushed me to be better at what I do. At the end I almost started crying. She pushed me and I got to push back and she ate it all up. She trusted me to guide her and help her. She reminded me that I am good at what I do. She reminded me that actors trust me, people trust me. Some trust me to put them on stage and not make fools of them selves. When things are really right, they let me guide them and help them tell an amazing story. They let me help them create characters that have a story that is meaningful and worth telling.  Others trust that the technical elements of a production will assist and provide the story with elements that can raise up or darken a moment creating emotions with a small switch or screw. Some trust me to make sure that the story is told well and the people are worth caring about. They all trust that what I see is worth it. And, if I do my job right, all of those things happen at the same time. Actually, they don’t just happen, they unfold into a perfect and beautiful patchwork quilt.
I have a pretty bad ass job!


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