Theatre meds

Tomorrow is my first day back at school. I know this is an odd time to start but this is a new program so we are just starting to get it off the ground. As of right now, I think I have AT LEAST 13 kids which I am pretty psyched about. For a start up program at a school with only about 100 students I will take my 10% and run. What I am hoping is that these students will see how much fun drama is and tell their friends and then they will sign up and it will be a domino effect where soon my program is enough in demand that they will offer it as a class full time like gym or any other elective. But for this year, well really this term, I will settle for my one little after school program that meets twice a week. We will grow. I know it. Performing is an adrenaline rush and once you have that rush, you always want to be a part of it.
I just made theatre sound like a drug. Awesome. Well if that is the case, I’m about to write some major prescriptions.

Yes. I know how cheesy that sounds. Don’t judge!


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