I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Yesterday Noah truly out did himself! First he took my HANG GLIDING! I know, right? Like who is like, for my wife’s birthday I am going to make one of her dreams come true and let her fly like a bird! But I did! This event warrants it’s own post so look for details in an upcoming post. Then, because of our no chain restaurants on road trips rule, we went and ate at Foster’s Pub in downtown Winston Salem. It was perfect! I got fish and chips and, like I said yesterday, fish and chips is my transport food and all of a sudden I was in London. So basically my mind thought we were in London which I know sounds crazy but it is nice to have such a simple thing bring me back to such a wonderful place/memory.
After that we hit up my favorite local bakery and then it was off to the movies where we saw Kingsman: Golden Circle. I always love a good action movie with beautiful British men. It’s like James Bond but lots of them. Actually, I don’t know that. I have only seen one Bond film and I never quite understood his “mission” other than to be really good at cards. Maybe I should go back and try again with some of the older ones. Or wait until Idris Elba is Bond and then try again.
Then today I was treated to brunch by one of my favorite people in the world, my mini-bestie. Then at our 7 hour rehearsal I was given cupcakes and my lovely and talented cast sang to me. Not to mention that we made it through the show 1 1/2 times. Which I thought we were going to be lucky if we made it through 1 run let alone almost through 2. I know that has very little to do with my birthday and more to do with my cast extremely hard work ethic but it was still a wonderful surprise. Just now Noah handed me a card with lovely messages from my lovely cast and my heart was filled yet again with joy and happiness.
Between all of the lovely social media post, the text, the phone calls, and the in person birthday wishes, I feel like I may burst with love. Thank you all for making this birthday so amazing and making me feel so special! It was truly wonderful to feel surrounded by love.


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