Baby Book

Tonight my writing will be on paper and with pen. The old school way. I have a baby book that is Eli’s and I just realized that I have not done the first bit of work on it. I realize that he will not appreciate this for quite a while but I just want to make sure that I remember firsts and other things. The fog and fast pace life make it easy to forget the memories that you want to hang on to. It is part of the reason why I write in here. This way I don’t forget. Even if things are hard there are still beauty and light in the dark.
Last night Noah and I were watching a show that we have not watched since I was hospitalized with Eli. Not that being stuck in the hospital was a wonderful thing, but there are some lovely things I remember. I want to make sure that Eli gets to know those wonderful things. How he came into this world. How he changed my life. How, even before he was born, he changed my life forever. He broke records and helped me break them too. Together we changed books in medical science. He needs to know how truly special he is.
I may not be around forever to tell him everyday. The least I can do is write in this little book and give him a small glimpse on how much he means to me and how important memories can be.


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