Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is Noah’s Birthday! I could NEVER top the amazingness of his present so I got him a spa day. He is dying for a haircut and to shave his beard. So, we are going to go get him all trimmed up and then he will be going for a full body massage where he can upgrade to a foot rub or hot stones if he would like. Not as great as Hang Gliding, but I know it is something he wants and will like. Plus we all need some pampering every once in a while!
Speaking of Birthday gifts…
I never got to show you pictures of my AWESOME Hang Gliding trip! So here are some pictures of how truly amazing it was! Thermal Valley in Lenoir NC is an amazing place. They even let me “drive”! That’s right, I flew a glider! Well steered one at least. They love the sport and they love those who want to learn. I thoroughly suggest it to anyone looking for a safe and breathtaking thrill. I am ready to go again!
This was by far the 2nd best Birthday ever.
The fist would be 4 years ago when he asked me to marry him. So glad I said yes! I feel like each year we try to find some way to show our love. Some years we are limited and it is something as simple and beautiful as flowers and a homemade card. Some years it is trips to the Mountains. Some years it’s a dog. Sometimes it’s a baby.  Regardless we do it out of love. We joke about trying to “top” one another, but we do it in an attempt to show our love. Not to the world, but to each other.  Our love is not measured in things we get each other but in moments we never forget. Birthdays aside, we always know what the other wants. It’s simple really. It’s love.
Here are pics from my amazing trip to the sky! One more thing crossed off my life “to do” list!


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