There is no such thing as a “Goodbye” in my world. It is only a matter of time before we will see each other again. It’s those that leave a lasting impression I know I will see again. Even if it is only in thought, we will see each other. It is different when it comes to an experiance.
This afternoon was hard. I had to say goodbye to a beautiful production. The journey was absolutely amazing. It is a small show with a beautiful story that a group of people trusted me enough to help them bring to life. In addition to creating a beatuiful performance, I was given opportunities that I will cherish! I strengthened friendships, provided opportunities to those who have never had the chance, gave people a place to thrive in their craft, and helped people find their tribe. These are all things that I remember someone doing for me. I know the excitement that happens when you help someone find the happiness you always knew existed because you have lived there for so long. They help you remember how exciting it was for you and in a way you live vicariously through them.
Thank you so much to all of those who decided to be part of this tribe. To those who trusted me. Who gave themselves over each show and trusted each other every night. You supported one another and were so careful with the story that we were entrusted with. You brought this story to light.


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