Sleep Eating?

I have been doing this thing and I need to know if it is something that others do or if I am alone in this problem. I know there is such a thing as sleep walking. I know that sleep walkers are able to do many things (i.e. walk out doors, put on clothes, talk). But is there such a thing as sleep eating?
I have recently been waking up with food beside my bed and a full belly. For a while it was things like Goldfish or Teddy Grahams. But now that it is candy season I have been waking up with candy wrappers in bed with me! I have tried to hide it from myself but that does not seem to be working. Evidently sleepy Angela does not care where the candy is, she will find it! This SUCKS as I continue the never ending battle with my weight and self esteem. And it seems to be worse when I am anxiety ridden or depressed. Last night I ate 5 mini candies and woke up with a Snickers in my hand. It almost seems cruel that a Snickers would be in my hand. Like somehow the candy is laughing at me like “you’ll never put us away tubs.”
I realize how much of a 1st world problem this is, but I can’t help feel like shit about it. I hear some of you saying “don’t keep it in the house.” and that could work. I think once all the candy is gone or given away I will no longer keep sweets in my house. I still have 2 large concerns. 1. What will I turn to next if I can’t have mini candies? How long before I am making subs in my sleep? 2. what if I DRIVE to fix the sweet tooth? Can you drive while you are sleeping?
Part of this post is said in a joking form but all of it is true. My self esteem is plummeting and my stress is rising. It’s a viscous cycle that just involves me drowning in the tears of my own self pity. Any words of wisdom or help would be greatly appreciated.


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