messy move

This move may be the death of me. I am trying not to go crazy.
I am trying to remember that soon I will be in a beautiful new house. I am trying to tell myself that everything I could ever want is going to be in this big beautiful house and I am going to love it because I am. This house is amazing and I cannot wait to be in. I just can’t help what was feeling like a simple move (or as simple as moves can be), is now turning into solo adventure that I am truly not equipped for it. I just don’t have the knowledge or the energy to do what I keep feeling like I should be able to do.
First we had people lined up to come pack us and move all of our furniture. Now, the person who was going to come do it has hurt their back and is not going to be able to do it. We also have a TON of paperwork to turn in. This would all be easy if it were things that I needed to sign and turn in, but because I do not have the credit to get the mortgage, we are having to do all of this through my mother who is currently in rehab for her broken knee. So now I have to get the list from the bank guy, print the paperwork, take it to her, get her to sign it and then take it back to the bank guys office.
Not to mention all the things that come with buying a new house. We are doing a walk through with our builder and I have had to do research on what to even look for in the walk through. This list is HUGE! I am not complaining as the house we currently live in we have more outlets that don’t work than do work and when we contacted our land lord she was like “there’s a breaker flipped” and we were like “no theirs not” and then she never did anything about it.  So yeah. I’m all about the walk through, it’s just all so quickly approaching and I feel like we are SO not ready.
The biggest thing is I was really looking forward to having people to pack us and now we are having to pack ourselves. I SUCK AT PACKING. I mean like REALLY SUCK! And with the weather being what it is, I am scared to even start packing clothes. I don’t have enough boxes and liquir store only tend to have boxes that don’t have lids which, if I remember last time, really freaking sucks. Stuff falls out as you try to move and then everything slides everywhere and it’s just a hot mess.
Much like me when it comes to this move. I am just one big hot mess.


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