2 spoons 2day

My computer is on the fritz which seems fitting because so is my body. Today I woke up with 2 spoons and had about 15 things to do. The first was go to a party of my friends 3 year old. Noah came into wake me and I was just super honest and said that I was limited on energy and that I had to work today so needed to rest. He was so understanding and was super supportive of me going back to sleep.
I felt like I slept forever and the next thing I knew I felt like I had slept the day away. Then, me being me, I felt the need to make up for it. I went to visit mom and took her and her roommate warm beverages in the cold nasty weather and then went to the grocery. This proved to be a big mistake because before I could finish dinner I felt so sick I could hardly move. After much medication I have managed to pull myself together enough to write this blog but my body knows Chemo is coming and THANK GOD because I don’t know how much more of this I can handle.
So night night for now. Tomorrow has got to be better.


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