Facebook Meltdown

I broke my #1 rule and posted a crazy Facebook post. I HATE when people post about how crazy their lives are like they are trying to get someone to say “No! Your wonderful and perfect!” I became the person I hate today. But I broke. I didn’t do it get attention but because, well, I broke. And when things break they go everywhere. Normally here is where most of me ends up but today part of me just landed on Facebook.
Here is said post:
Okay, so right now I have limited internet (aka when it wants to it will let me do something), no TV, my house is in boxes meaning I am limited to 2 pans, 3 plates, a couple of utensils, a couple of outfits, and a 1/2 empty refrigerator because we are moving we just don’t know when even though we thought we did but now we are having to jump through hoops. Also, some rehabilitation facility said ‘they cannot meet my mothers needs’, but won’t tell me what those needs are, I had chemo yesterday and should be feeling better but I am not. And I could not make it to my last therapy session (the reason for this post) There is not enough Xanax in the world to make this better.
I was lucky. For the most part I think it went undetected. My Facebook tends to go that way unless I post a picture of Eli which spikes everything! But the people that did respond were genuine in their responses which was nice. I did not feel like I was being placated.
Despite all the crazy that exist I also got to have my own little level of fun today. Part of my volunteer work at the theatre is that I host the opening night parties for each production. This, for whatever reason, means so much to me. It all goes back to the feeding people and making them happy. All of the people that participate in these productions are volunteers and it feels so nice to be able to celebrate their hard work. Yes, we all do it because we love it but that does not mean that it isn’t work.
Tonight’s party was a success and that is an amazing positive in the crazy amount of negative that seems to be surrounding craziness that is my life. Being around happy people helps life not seem quite so unbearable.


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