The Waffle Party

I wrote about this in a earlier post but I get ridiculously anxious around the holidays. Not for the normal reason people get anxious but because ever since 2008 I have spent more holidays in the hospital than not. 2012 was the worst by far but even last year I spent Thanksgiving “relaxing” in hotel Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. This year is a different kind of an stress. I am excited about the new house but the move may push me over the edge. Thanksgiving may be pizza and a diet coke because I HAVE NO POTS AND PANS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN BOXES!
So now I have turned my attention to a different family tradition.
Growing up, the Saturday before Christmas my Great Aunt and Uncle would host a Waffle Party. This involved roughly 100 people coming in and out of their home to eat waffles and sing Christmas carols. They would set up a waffle station where people could pick up a waffle. Then people would alternate times sitting around their 10 person dining room table. Once one person was done, another would come take their place at the table until 100’s of waffles were consumed. There would also be sausage links and light finger foods. There was also a Christmas ornament decoration station where people would decorate glass balls and then hang them on the tree.
I am so excited to be hosting my own Waffle Party this year! It is a family tradition that I am so excited to share with my NC family and friends. It will be our first time showing off our beautiful new home. I am already thinking about how to decorate for the holidays! The party has kind of turned into my light at the end of the tunnel. Please don’t get me wrong. I am super excited to be in my beautiful new home and arrange, nest, and decorate it. There is just something about reviving old traditions in our new house that helps me remember that we are not just moving into a new house but a new home.


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