This one is important

As most of you know I have been packing up my house in preparation for the move. I have been going through stuff that, not going to lie, has not been unpacked from when we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. As I was going through things today I came across a huge list of people. It was mixed in with some of the arts and crafts things I did while I was in the hospital waiting for Eli to be born. Most of you know, there were many complications throughout my pregnancy. One of the biggest concerns was my platelet count. Most people have a platelet count of between 160-360. When women get pregnant, the number tends to be on the lower end of that scale. For me who already lives with a whopping 17-20 count on a good day, during my pregnancy they would drop to sometimes as low as 10. This can be very dangerous as platelets are one your bodies main clotting factors, so the chances that I could bleed out during child birth were very high.
The doctors had decided early on that a c-section was going to be the best way to try to control the bleeding but that I would still need to be continuously recieving platelets before, during, and after the procedure. The hospital I was at was so small that there was concern that there were not enough units of platelets in the hospital to take care of me during my c-section. This is when Noah decided it was time to take action. He set up a platelet drive via Facebook. He basically asked for anyone who could and would donate to message him so he could give them information on how and when the drive would be.
This is where I have to take a moment and explain for those who don’t know, how someone donates platelets. It is not like donating blood. You have to go and dedicate roughly 2 hours of your time. They access both of your arms. They take blood out of one arm and they run it through a machine that separates the platelets from the rest of the components of your blood. I imagine it looks like a giant strainer, but that goes to show you how little medical knowledge I have. Then the remaining components are then put back in via your other arm.
Back to the point of this post. Within hours, his inbox was pouring in with people who wanted to donate. His post had gone viral and we had people we did not even know who wanted to donate. By this point in the pregnancy I was very in and out of it. I was on a lot of medications. Some for the baby, some for my pain, and some for my mental health as I tried to wrap my head around the fact that I might not survive this pregnancy. This list of people was given to me by Noah. It was a actual list of people who had decided to give me part of their body so that I could have a chance at living to see my son. So many others wanted to but could not for their own health reasons. But that was okay. Because in the end the list got so large that they had to turn people away.
I do not have the addresses of all the people that so selflessly gave their time and their actual blood for me. If I could I would give you a give for every year I get to live with my son because of you. I am working now to start the the Thank You cards that should have been sent out over a year ago. But for now, here is the list of people who either contacted Noah with the intent of donating or were actually able to donate. These people are my hero’s.
Amy Mueller
Cindy Barr
Stephanie Ledford
Robbie O’Dell
Becky Feldman
Mike Burke
Cheryl O’Dell
Allie Allen
Lenore Kennedy
Donna Pelikan
Jack Daulton
Darren Kern
Julie Robinette
Stephanie Wood
Linnea Bethany Coon
Makia Aikens
Rose Ball
Garrett Wilson
Jacque Anderson
Sonya Sienerth
Shelia Jiles
Jimmy Jiles
Jennifer Barlow
Robert Barlow
Ken Ashford
Liz Cargile
Susan Reinecke
Ruth Clark
Shelby Miller
Emily Hull
Kera Keene
Travis Agnew
Jen Blevins
Terri Ramsey
Lynn Allen
John Collier
Cathy Collier
Cindy Brown
Nancy Swanson
Kerri Ceech
Darlene Boan
Darrell Boan
Ana Iltis
Steve Iltis
Donna Simmons
Stephanie Flores De Valgas
Lee Mason Gregory

Thank you and I love you.


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