I am slowly but surly starting to put my life back together! The good news is the move didn’t kill me. The bad news is I am not sure where anything is or where it goes. There really is no wrong answer. Everything should have its place and everything in it’s place. That is the motto of so many organized people I know. And I am trying so hard to become one of them.
Things in my house are coming together so nicely. One of my favorite rooms, which the realtors called the flex room, I think I am going to rename either the library or the parlor. The parlor sounds a little formal but there are aspects of both in the room. It is the kind of room I wish I could expand on. In it there are display cabinets of china and crystal that are mostly heirloom pieces that I love for different reasons, books, a bridge table, a piano and a small wooden file cabinet. Any room where I can play cards, read books, play the piano, and look at items that bring me happiness is where I want to be. There is also a large window that lets in so much light.
That is one thing my old house did not have. windows. It was always dark. We have so many floor lamps that are no longer needed. If there was only some way to light them outside we could use them as lamp post and call our house Narnia.
OH…now I want a lamp post in our front yard!
And now it’s time for bed.


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