Christmas Home

We got a Christmas tree!

I feel like the house is slowly but surely coming together. I see room after room with all of it’s furnishings and little touches. Things are finally being organized and put in there places. I am still trying to learn which light switch controls what light but it is a nice little strobe light party every time I try to get to the kitchen in the middle of the night. (My sleep eating has gotten better for those who have read that post.) Eli has started putting his little hands on the walls leaving marks and prints and I am reminding my self that this is a home now and not just a house. We live here. Hand prints happen.
Putting the tree up is a big deal for me. CHRISTMAS is a big deal for me. As a child, my father was too paranoid to let us put up Christmas lights outside plus “It would run up the electricity bill!”. Putting up a tree involved a lot of swearing because “If it is too close to an electrical socket it will burn down the house!” As an adult, I have rebelled by decorating my house however I like and putting lights up for all of the neighbors and myself to enjoy. I love houses with decorative Christmas lights. I know we all celebrate in our own way but I love driving by and seeing all the lights. To me those houses with lights were houses with families that didn’t fight over holiday decorations and new how to share part of their holiday joy with everyone. When I was little I so desperately wanted to put up lights. I can remember telling my mother that I thought people who put up lights should get a break on their electricity bill.
I still do. But I still decorate, bills be damned. I want Eli to grow up in a house that knows how to share joy. Now I get to make my house one of the houses I always wanted when I was little. I can only hope Eli loves it as much as I do.


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