US Internet


I fucking hate the internet monopoly that exists in the states This has got to be some horrible joke. I have lived in this neighborhood for less than a week. In that week I have had a technician from Spectrum (who is the only company that “works” in this area) here almost every day! I feel like they should just take the upstairs bedroom. They have practically spent just as much time in my new house as I have. I have shut down my computer and am restarting it praying to the internet gods that it is my computer but I know it’s not because MY PHONE WON’T GET THE INTERNET EITHER! I have friends who live across the pond who tell me they never have this problem. Not only that, but their are many cities where internet is free. The only place you can get free internet here is at a McDonalds or the like. And even they have to pay for it. I assume that are because they are mega companies they don’t have to pay as much and that’s how almost every major chain can offer it even in some of the smaller cities. The bull shit lines they feed us about how “we don’t get service in this area” is bull shit. We are surrounded by towers. I don’t live in a tent in the woods. I have not plugged some device into a tree with antenna and trying to get a signal. I pay half my paycheck so that I can get online to do work.

Rant over.


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