Christmas Rip Off

I have discovered this Christmas in preparing for a Christmas party that I am performing at, that so many songs from the 1950’s just ripped off carols from the 1930’s. “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” is almost inter changeable with “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”. And “Holly Jolly Christmas”, yeah it is almost exactly, “Sleigh Ride”, or whatever that song is. Sorry, I have had a little too many holiday spirits and am really in no position to be writing anything. But I must do it…for the CHALLENGE!
Because I am doubting more and more that people actually read what I write so it is truly become a place where I can just let loose and let them all hang out. And by them I guess I mean words. I don’t know. Holiday spurts and what not.
I am now hungry and going to get myself some crackers.

This post has no end. And no beginning. It is an anomaly. That is drunk philosophy right there. (Now Noah will spell check and laugh…hopefully.)


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