I am currently working on Romeo and Juliet and I am having a great time!

Like always, it is nice to get away and pretend to be someone you are not for a few hour every night. I am playing the nurse who is very much an airhead and is drunk for a large part of the show. Although I am not a drunk, I am quite clumsy and very loud and therefore there are moments where people think I might be drunk even though I am not. I tend to drink in public to help me overcome my desire to never want to be around groups and that way I can lighten up and have a good time.
She is NOT an introvert and therefore her drinking makes her loud and slightly out of control. But I love her for it. She is kind of the woman I wish I could be. I mean not the drunk part, but the outgoing, dancing with every stranger, eating and drinking as much as she likes, has no self body issues, and stands up for herself. It’s nice to be that for a few hours. It’s nice to be that strong. Even if it is only pretend.



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