So close

I almost made it. At least it is just a stomach bug and I am not in the hospital but I KNEW there was no way I was going to make it through the holidays without getting sick. This is where some of you are probably thinking it is because of my negative attitude that I got sick. But I am PROMISE you that it is not my negative attitude and more like my negative white blood cell count. I mean it’s not in the negatives, it’s just low. As is my platelet count so the constant nose bleeds are not helping me feel any better. It’s been a banner day of fighting off nose bleeds and hovering over the toilet. Part of me thinks it might just be all of the blood I have on my stomach that is making me sick. Who knows. Sorry if this is TMI but welcome to the blog. We are on day 363. You should know this about me by now. Okay, I’m gonna go because I feel something coming on. Lets cross fingers that rest and some ginger ale and crackers will fix this.


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