343 in 2017

This will more than likely be my last post of the year.

343 posts later and I am still here.

I feel like I should have something profound to say, but I don’t. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions so I cannot talk about that. My goals are always the same. Travel as much as possible, try new things, meet new people, read more books, try new foods, stay in touch with old friends, create new traditions, love harder, laugh louder, see the good, ignore the bad, shake off the small things, take time for me, pet my dogs, take time for my family, take time for my friends and, as always, stay healthy.
This blog was the closest thing to a resolution I have ever had and I really feel like it fell under the “try new things” category.  But I want to keep it up. So much so that now I am thinking about taking a writing class, if I can afford it. Noah gave me guitar for Christmas (I feel like I may have said this already but still, amazing right?!?) so I want to take time to learn how to play. I also want to get back into cooking new things again. Maybe trying something new once a week or so. Regardless of what I attempt, I want to continue to blog. Maybe it won’t be as much but I love the routine of pushing myself to create something to put on a page. I want to continue to write more stories about my past. I want to write more about my journey with my medical conditions. I want to write about my love of the arts. I also want to write about adventures that sometimes happen when I least expect them. I want to write more about the love I am so lucky to have. I want to share my story. This is only the start.
343 down. 1 million to go.


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