Fighting with friends

Today was a great distraction from dark.

Today we filmed the promotional video for “Romeo and Juliet”. The director had asked if I would be willing to put together a script and another local theatre technician to come in and film it. She wanted lots of action shots with short snips of dialogue. Not to pat my self on the back, but I was pretty proud of the script I had put together. It was difficult to get what I saw happening in my head onto the page so that everyone else would understand what I was looking for. I think I managed to do it, to some degree.
The best part was it meant that we got to do the the fights a few times. That was loads of fun! Stage combat is always a blast and my combat partner was on point today. We learned the fight in roughly 10 min and we were off and rolling before we knew it. We were in sync the entire time which is always important. Everything was safe and in control. Then I got to watch my friends fights which was awesome as well. I AM NOT a violent person! But I have a lot of respect for actors who can make fights look believable. In stage combat there is a fluidity that exist. It is almost like a dance. Each person must move and step at just the right time in just the right way to make it look real or else everything becomes dangerous and then it is no longer fun. Then it becomes scary for anyone to watch. There must be an element of closeness with people doing stage combat or else it loses all emotion. Then, it is no longer believable. It was nice to watch my friends “dance” through these fights almost effortlessly. We all took one deep breath and a fight that involved 12 people broke out with each step carefully placed so as to not over step the next. It was beautiful in it’s own dark way.
Maybe that’s why I could see the beauty in it.


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