Snow King!

This week has been filled with snow! One of our dear friends has been trapped with us and as much fun as we have been having we are all suffering from some cabin fever. No lie, even I am about to go a little crazy in my own house, I cannot imagine being stuck in someone else’s house! But she has been a GREAT sport about everything and we really have been having so much fun. One day we took Eli out in the snow and he had more fun than I honestly thought he would! We were not out for long but we pulled him around on the little sled and he had so much fun watching Gwen run and romp in the snow like she does. He even face planted at one point and we were so sure he was going to break out into tears but instead he stood up and gave us this face:26804793_10213663433193230_8054948096107579824_n

If that’s not a little man loving some snow, I don’t know what is! We really did have a blast playing with some amazing friends and family (and our 4 legged family).


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